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Music has always served to enhance our gaming experience. I look back on what I think are some of the best game franchise and strongly believe that so much of their grandeur comes from the soundtrack. I have played games with my own soundtrack. Game soundtracks carry with them the ability to take us back to the place and age where we became lost in-game worlds. It’s interesting to me to think about the way music and video games have evolved together.

Today many game production companies spend large amounts of time and resources creating soundtracks for their games. These companies sometimes release copies of soundtracks and even sheet music for purchase by the players. There are bands that range in genre whose music is inspired or derived from classic games. A bunch of these artists are going to be playing at PAX East next weekend.

I was checking out the bands and was disappointed to see that Anamanaguchi is not going to be back this year. If you have not heard of them, they are my favorite 8-bit band. They composed the complete soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim: The Game, the double dragon style brawler. Their music is created using a NES System so they have to keep multiple on stage in case one stops working. It was really cool meeting them at PAX and hanging out a bit last year.  Despite this minor setback, there are some acts I am stoked about.

PAX features two nights of nerdy gamer music fun. MC Frontalot, The VGO and Metroid Metal are going to be returning to the stage this year. I am stoked to see these acts back again. I can’t wait for The VGO to tip over their awesome repertoire of video game classics and see what comes pouring out. It’s going to be hard to top last years performance which featured tracks like Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario), Vampire Killer (Castlevania), FFVII Opening/Bombing Mission, and Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid). You can check out some cool vids of these tracks over on the Youtubes.

I will welcome newcomer Jonathan Coulton to the stage here in Bean Town. JOCO wrote what is probably my favorite video game theme song, the song that marks the finale of a game near and dear to my heart. I would hope that everyone reading this has played through Portal and heard voice actress, Ellen McLain’s singing this insta-cult classic. In case you were wondering, the vid I posted is the coolest kids ever performing this song Still Alive. I haven’t heard anything about whether JOCO is going to try to follow this up in the sequel to Portal.

 Well, this all got me thinking. When will Blizz bring some acts like this to their Con? Would it be hard for them to live up to the spectacle and auditory prowess of former players like Ozzy and Tenacious D.  Could they fit an orchestra on stage to perform some of the tracks off Cata? I am hoping that Elite Tauren Chieftain will be making a return to the stage this year. I hate that I did not get a chance to see them do their thing. Who would you like to see come to Blizzcon? What are some or your favorite game tracks? I’d love to know.


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I know if you’re anything like me you were scrambling to get some last minute things done before patch day. I became so wrapped up in getting things done beforehand that I hardly had a clue as to what I was going to do post-Deathwing when my server came back up. I got home and did some things around the apartment that I had been neglecting because of pre-patch obligations.

I love Tuesdays. On Monday I am still in weekend mode. I race home, hop in my comfortable clothes and snuggle up with my computer and a cup of tea for raid night. I try not to do anything else.  Tuesday are completely the opposite. After work I am all fired up that the week is almost half over and I am doing household chores like I am possessed by Mr. Clean and Betty Crocker. Funny imaging what the two would look like if you combined them.

I thought I had plenty of time because a friend text me to tell me that the server would not be up till 8. I sat down to do some strolling through the blogsphere and when I jumped in vent everyone went crazy, “Get on and check out Orgrimmar”, is all I could make out over the insanity.

So I watched the cinematic, logged in and did not pass Go, did not collect 200$, went straight to Org. Love, Love, Love the changes to my favorite horde city! The city went from being a quaint jungle village to being a war torn battle fortress. From what my guildies were telling me the war and its effects could be seen in all the revamped zones. Battles and carnage covering Azeroth.

I had seen just about all the new zones in screenshots from across the web so exploring was not my top priority. I had spoke in depth with one of the quest devs at Blizzcon while waiting in line and he told me how much love and innovation they had put into all the new quests coming to Azeroth. I jumped on an alt and quickly found level appropriate quests in the new Thousand Needles.

After helping battle the Grimtotem siege, I was whisked away from what looked like the flightpath being overrun by NPCs in a rowboat powered by a lone Tauren. We went to the barge that was anchored over what used to be the Shimmering Flats Raceway. I had the most fun questing experience I have ever had in WoW to date. Mr. Quest Dev, you did not disappoint.

(spoiler alert) My job was to start a bar fight with a gnome on the barge (which takes it as the best bar in Azeroth, over the BRD bar). I had to build a boat out of rocket car parts left on the bottom of the ocean. I had to ride around on the boat (on rails) and put out fires on the barge then shoot down pirate boats. After that I could take my boat anywhere I wanted. So if you’re wondering how you’re going to travel around in a zone full of water without stocking up on water walking pots then this is the answer.

I got to experience what it’s going to be like in the new under water zones. We will no doubt have access to the same equipment that I used for locating rocket parts while fighting off all the new underwater mobs. I had read that we were going to be able to breathe while submerged and walk on the bottom as if it was the ground but it was a really nice surprise that walking on the ocean floor gave a boost to walking speed that made it really fun. It took me under a minute to zoom around the area and pick up some rocket car pieces.

The mechanics for walking and fighting underwater were well done and I think the movement speed increase made it more fun than fighting on land. Kudos Blizzard.

Before I logged I wanted to do a quick LFG dungeon. I popped SM Cathedral. I knew there was going to be quests for the instance at the beginning when we zoned in. That was sweet. I did not know that there was going to be a lot of new NPCs including forsaken abombs fighting the scarlet guard in the first courtyard. That was sweeter.

I am sure if you’re anything like me and my guildies, then yesterday was a long time in coming  to you too. If you get a chance to make it to the end of this wall of text let me know if there was anything you were suprised to find yesterday or just anything that made you really happy.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

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So I realize this may be a little late but I’ve given it some thought I believe that going to Blizzcon is something that every Blizzard fanboy or fangirl should do and if my post encourages one person to go who may not have otherwise then it’s worth it.

This was my first Blizzcon but it was not my first gaming convention. I went to PAX East last year and it was like gamer valhalla so getting ready for my trip to Anaheim I had it in my head that there was no way Blizzcon could top PAX. My line of thinking was this; PAX East, the absolute biggest gaming event my fair city has to offer was three days long and went to 2:00 AM in the morning Friday and Saturday and Blizzcon, the supreme celebration of all things Blizzard in origin was only two days and all the events shut down by nine according to the schedule. But what I came to learn is that the Blizzcon experience carries itself outside of the convention center. It started when I boarded my layover from Milwaukee to Las Angeles and it was with me when I rode the shuttle to the airport surrounded by people still buzzing off the excitement of being around so many people who love the games you do, as much as you do.

To the girl who sat in the window seat and talked to me about how she painstakingly assembled and packed her rogue T10 costume through the guy sitting between us who didnt have any interest in WoW whatsoever, thank you. To Yoshi, who sat around with me talking about his love for taiwanese strippers and who selflessly aided me in my quest to find Turpster, thank you. To my guildie Darkdarius for despite everything that happened, still hanging in there and telling us; “Thanks guys, I had a really good time!”, no dood, thank you! There are so many other people I would like to thank here for making me feel like a kid in a candy store in Disneyland without actually having to set foot in Disneyland. Becuase really when it comes down to it, it’s the people that make Blizzcon so special and by extention makeup the community that keeps us renewing our subscriptions despite nerfs, despite lack of new content, despite gripes we may occasionally have about the game we invest so much of ourselves in.

Before I sign off here let me tell you a few things I learned at Blizzcon

-Your hotel doesn’t have to be nice as long as it has a liqour store attached

-Sink + Ice = Macguyver Minifridge

-Don’t crash the AIE guild party and make jokes about ninja-ing beer from their guild bank

-The real party is where ever the T is

-Ordering food at Denny’s four (7 EST) in the morning only requires pointing

-Don’t laugh at the guy who hurts himself of stage, he might just be your guildie

-Reserve Sunday for any sleep you might have planned to do

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