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Music has always served to enhance our gaming experience. I look back on what I think are some of the best game franchise and strongly believe that so much of their grandeur comes from the soundtrack. I have played games with my own soundtrack. Game soundtracks carry with them the ability to take us back to the place and age where we became lost in-game worlds. It’s interesting to me to think about the way music and video games have evolved together.

Today many game production companies spend large amounts of time and resources creating soundtracks for their games. These companies sometimes release copies of soundtracks and even sheet music for purchase by the players. There are bands that range in genre whose music is inspired or derived from classic games. A bunch of these artists are going to be playing at PAX East next weekend.

I was checking out the bands and was disappointed to see that Anamanaguchi is not going to be back this year. If you have not heard of them, they are my favorite 8-bit band. They composed the complete soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim: The Game, the double dragon style brawler. Their music is created using a NES System so they have to keep multiple on stage in case one stops working. It was really cool meeting them at PAX and hanging out a bit last year.  Despite this minor setback, there are some acts I am stoked about.

PAX features two nights of nerdy gamer music fun. MC Frontalot, The VGO and Metroid Metal are going to be returning to the stage this year. I am stoked to see these acts back again. I can’t wait for The VGO to tip over their awesome repertoire of video game classics and see what comes pouring out. It’s going to be hard to top last years performance which featured tracks like Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario), Vampire Killer (Castlevania), FFVII Opening/Bombing Mission, and Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid). You can check out some cool vids of these tracks over on the Youtubes.

I will welcome newcomer Jonathan Coulton to the stage here in Bean Town. JOCO wrote what is probably my favorite video game theme song, the song that marks the finale of a game near and dear to my heart. I would hope that everyone reading this has played through Portal and heard voice actress, Ellen McLain’s singing this insta-cult classic. In case you were wondering, the vid I posted is the coolest kids ever performing this song Still Alive. I haven’t heard anything about whether JOCO is going to try to follow this up in the sequel to Portal.

 Well, this all got me thinking. When will Blizz bring some acts like this to their Con? Would it be hard for them to live up to the spectacle and auditory prowess of former players like Ozzy and Tenacious D.  Could they fit an orchestra on stage to perform some of the tracks off Cata? I am hoping that Elite Tauren Chieftain will be making a return to the stage this year. I hate that I did not get a chance to see them do their thing. Who would you like to see come to Blizzcon? What are some or your favorite game tracks? I’d love to know.


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With less than a month left in Winter, I am counting down the days until Spring. It seems a little foolish, I know. As if on this day, the first day of Spring I can expect nothing but warm sunny days. Not in New England but with every passing day I know that I am closer to not having to don my hat gloves and coat every morning, that the days are getting longer, and I won’t have to worry about snow for another eight months.

A lot of exciting stuff is happening right now. I just got back from vacation. I was visiting a friend who I originally met through online gaming. This is not the first time that I have been able to meet the person behind the avatar. I met some of my guildies at Blizzcon and then in December more of us got together for the release of Cata. I often sit back from the keyboard and wonder what some of my guildies might be like in person. It’s always cool to be able to put it all together. I am really hoping to meet some more of my friends from Azeroth at this years Blizzcon. Yoda, Red, Van, I’m talking about you here.

In game, my raid team is only working on Cho’Gall, Nefarian, and Al’akir for our progression. You can expect to see some more raid boss guides popping up on the site in the next week or so. Our Tuesday night romp through BoT ended with Cho’Gall decimating the team with only 4% health remaining. That was after about a dozen attempts where we took the fight into the second phase. The first phase of the fight is a faceroll compared to the mayhem in phase two. Hopefully with a little more practice we will have it this evening. Any tips or tricks your team uses for the four tentacles would be appreciated.

Out of game, PAXeast is in two weeks. If you have no idea what I am talking about, PAXeast is the biggest gaming event on the east coast all year-long. I attended this three-day convention last year and I felt like I had died and gone to gaming Valhalla. There will be plenty to please everyone from casuals, to hardcores, console gamers to pc players, serious RPers to munchkin board gamers.

I am really, really excited about this event and if you live in the New England area I would highly recommend getting a day pass and checking this thing out. You will not be disappointed. I will be in attendance all three days and would love to meet up with fellow pallies, or bloggers,  gamers, or basically anyone who wants to meet up. 🙂

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Some years back I remember reading a news article about a college student who took advantage of some desperate male MMOers by pretending to be a sexy lady MMOer on his sexy Nightelf female toon, flirting with them and getting them to shower him in gold and in-game items. The article said that this guy was doing it as a social experiment, but I wasn’t buying it. 

I bet you’ve heard stories like this pop up from time to time. Not everyone who is  trans-tooned is rolling that way to take advantage of unwitting players. I know players on both sides of the gender fence who choose not to roll their own gender for various reasons.

I know plenty of females who don’t want people to know they’re girls. They can fly under the radar without anyone harassing them, male or female. It’s been my experience that female gamers can ruthlessly harass other females worse than men, so I can understand why girls might want to do this.

My ex-girlfriend always played male characters. She said she thought people in LFD and BGs were more likely to follow directions if they thought they were coming from a member of the male persuasion. This brings up interesting questions about the role gender plays in authority. I liked that we could be flirtatious and playful with each other while in randoms without making it obvious that we were not a heteronormative couple.

Plenty of folks (male and female) say they do it because they prefer the look of the in-game character models of the opposing gender. The troll female comes to mind when I think of notoriously terrible looking female models. Reading up for this article, many girls on the forums say that they play female but wouldn’t be caught dead playing one of the Worgen female models.

TimmyPowegamer: “They are trolls, they should look ugly and frumpy and hunched over like the males. Not pretty and upright like humans and elves. Same with Orcs.”
Many women prefer to play an attractive looking character. Listed as one of the female options the picture at the right could mistaken for male.

A lot of people hate the way armor looks on a specific gender. I personally am glad that blizzard stopped putting midriffs on female armor,  but I think they could do a little better at differentiating it from the male armor models. I have heard guys make the argument that they don’t like the way cloth armor looks on male models. One guy told me he liked the way plate armor looked on his female toon’s back side.

Strych: “My college roomate had a toon named and modeled after his girlfriend. I think he spent more time oggling his toon though. When he finally got the ultimatum, he chose his digital GF over the analog.”

Do you find it strange when your male friends have female names for their female toons? Or do you think it’s just a normal part of the RP experience involved in the MMORPG? I would never judge the trans-tooned, I just want to get some insight on the reasons players roll the opposite gender. I find it fascinating that so much of this goes on in the MMO world.

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