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 I am beginning to loathe the dungeon finder tool but not for the reason you’d think. It’s true that most of my recent experiences with it in Cata have been terribad.

I have encountered tanks who think we should be able to heal them through everything, tanks who think we don’t need cc, tanks who regularly break cc then don’t bother to pickup the breaks. I’ve butt heads with dps who go afk, dps who can’t target of target, and dps who get really mad when they die from standing in the poop.

But none of this really bothers me. Aside from the occasional ground slam, I am now at the point where I can heal through anything a pug group has to throw at me. I dislike the LFD tool for a totally different reason altogether.

Before the LFD tool, most of my time in-game was spent tanking. This was before I fell head over heals for holy. I collected healers like they were epic mounts. I had a continuously updated friends list full of healers from the server who I had run with and knew were reliable.

I used to be a go-to tank for a lot of healers as well. I would get whispers when I logged in because folks were just waiting to see a tank who was available to get in a quick daily. Random people would even offer me gold to tank for them. Of course I would never take it but it was nice to feel needed.

I don’t want to come off wrong here. I’m not hatin’ me some LFG because I don’t feel popular anymore. I’m rallying against it because it has removed the need to group up with players from my server community.

This constant need to find reliable players to pug heroics was the best reason for interacting with the community. Now with segregation between 10 man and 25 man raids and the LFD tool, the only players I regularly interact with are my guildies.

I miss  the days of LFGs and LFMs laced between the ongoing steam of verbal diarrhea that is Trade chat. I miss socializing with members of Bladefist while casually making our way through AN or UP; chatting about old guilds like 40 Man Failboat and infamous players like Blackball and Panobad.

Is this the case on most servers nowadays?  That there is little reason for venturing outside the social confides of your guild and meeting new people in a social game like WoW has become a chore? What sort of things are you doing to meet new people on your server?


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In <Obsessive> we have this bird who loves to toss back a few on the weekend and reminisce about the “golden age” of World of Warcraft. The man can go on long into the night to anyone who will listen about how much better things were in BC. This has become such a big joke that whenever anyone complains about a change to the game he spams this macro

           Well back in BC…Well back in BC…Well back in BC…

Then we all have a good laugh by making crazy claims about the way it was. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the way things were and sometimes it’s drunken sentimentality driving everyone to a different vent channel.

I hate to admit (especially to this bird because it just encourages him) that I missed most of BC. I was a more casual player back then so there was a lot that I did not get to experience. I make up for this by reminiscing about when Wrath was good. Back before TOC, before jousting, when you could still do 2v2 for current arena gear, when people still did the Heigan dance, before the LFD tool, remember that?

After my most recent LFD pug group disaster, I decided to try putting together a group for my daily,  recruiting players from trade instead of using LFD.  Finding the dps was not hard (they’d probably been waiting in the queue for 20 mins already) and finding a tank didn’t take five minutes. Everyone was a lot more polite, actually acknowledging each other at the beginning of the run. We joked about server politics and discussed current raid progression. It was nice to get an idea about where others were on the server and trade tips for boss mechanics. All in all it was a very nice experience.

I would definitely recommend pugging using /2 to find players for heroics on your server over using the LFD Tool. This has many advantages

  • find a tank who is properly specced and geared 
  • find players who know and have completed the encounters
  • find players who are more likely to hop in vent
  • find players who are going to bring their A-game to the party because they are representing  their guilds 
  • custom tailor your group to have the specs and cc abilities you need
  • put together the most ideal group in less time than the LFD tool

Are you as sick of pugging heroic dungeons with the LFD Tool as I am? Guildies too busy running dailies in Tol Barad? Try this out and send me an email or leave me a comment. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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So It finally happened. I have read a number of blog posts about this and here is my most recent horror story. I was pugging heroics yesterday, which has become a lot easier for me as my gear has scaled up a bit and I finally got the dreaded fail guild group. The group was running Blackrock Caverns and they were on the second boss when I joined. I guessed that they had kicked their last healer or that the healer had enough and left. They asked me, “healz you know the fight”, and I said, “beams and interrupts’. They explained the fight to two of the guildies who were unclear and we downed it. I could already tell that they had the typical elitist attitude of the fail guild pug run from the severe lack of communication. They made it obvious from their attitude that any mistake was going to be my fault. My spidey sense was tingling with the imminent threat of being kicked.  

We made our way to the third boss without any cc, just crazy pulling while I’m sitting and trying to mana up.  I asked them to pull the elemental back to the grate and they pull to about the base of the ramp. We wiped and next time they pulled the fire ele back further. Then we wiped on the boss and I let them know that I could not heal through 10 seconds of AOE with 13 stacks of the bosses buff, Superheated Quicksilver Armor. They snapped back at me their guild healer could heal through 17 stacks.

I could believe that a group of skilled players with some backup heals might be able to down him at the very end of the fight with 17 stacks, after all the achievement is for 15. If they were planning on going for the achievement then they did not let me in on this. So trying to stay upbeat I told them “let’s give it another go, we got it this time.” To which the warrior tank replied, “it’s easy, heal self holy flashlight the rest, done”. Then next thing I knew, I was kicked from the group and was thus spared further damage to my repair bill.

After this, 3 of my guildies and I queue for a random and get this same dungeon, BRC. We get a DK tank who has only ever tanked up to Corla. We  are all in vent but we take the time to chat the DK up a bit. We walk them through the rest of the fights and we manage to snag the achievements, Too Hot to Handle and Ascendant Descending. Not to shabbeh for their first time tanking the whole thing. At the end of it we make sure to thank him and I toss out a  😀 just for good measure. It doesn’t surprise me that having a respectful and positive attitude toward other players seems to correlate well with having a successful run. Blogger, TyphoonAndrew published a post I really liked with some possible ideas for a Karma Point System built into the LFG System. You can check out the first of two posts he’s  written on it here.

Would you like Blizz to implement a system for policing each other in LFD if it could not be abused? Should there be perks for nice players?

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