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 I am beginning to loathe the dungeon finder tool but not for the reason you’d think. It’s true that most of my recent experiences with it in Cata have been terribad.

I have encountered tanks who think we should be able to heal them through everything, tanks who think we don’t need cc, tanks who regularly break cc then don’t bother to pickup the breaks. I’ve butt heads with dps who go afk, dps who can’t target of target, and dps who get really mad when they die from standing in the poop.

But none of this really bothers me. Aside from the occasional ground slam, I am now at the point where I can heal through anything a pug group has to throw at me. I dislike the LFD tool for a totally different reason altogether.

Before the LFD tool, most of my time in-game was spent tanking. This was before I fell head over heals for holy. I collected healers like they were epic mounts. I had a continuously updated friends list full of healers from the server who I had run with and knew were reliable.

I used to be a go-to tank for a lot of healers as well. I would get whispers when I logged in because folks were just waiting to see a tank who was available to get in a quick daily. Random people would even offer me gold to tank for them. Of course I would never take it but it was nice to feel needed.

I don’t want to come off wrong here. I’m not hatin’ me some LFG because I don’t feel popular anymore. I’m rallying against it because it has removed the need to group up with players from my server community.

This constant need to find reliable players to pug heroics was the best reason for interacting with the community. Now with segregation between 10 man and 25 man raids and the LFD tool, the only players I regularly interact with are my guildies.

I miss  the days of LFGs and LFMs laced between the ongoing steam of verbal diarrhea that is Trade chat. I miss socializing with members of Bladefist while casually making our way through AN or UP; chatting about old guilds like 40 Man Failboat and infamous players like Blackball and Panobad.

Is this the case on most servers nowadays?  That there is little reason for venturing outside the social confides of your guild and meeting new people in a social game like WoW has become a chore? What sort of things are you doing to meet new people on your server?


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When I think about what it means to play too much a few different things come to mind.

I think of Clara from hit web series, The Guild. Clara, for folks who have never seen the show is the loveable stay-at-home Mom who neglects her kids, her husband, and almost every other aspect of her real life to play a MMO, not unlike WoW. The character emphasizes how hard it can be to balance real life responsibilities and MMOs, especially when you throw young children into the mix.

Back in Wrath, I regularly pugged in a 25 man where the  raid lead and his partner just had a newborn daughter. My heart went out to him because I know he was trying hard to keep it all together. But, twenty-minute baby afks started to add up and it didn’t take long for him to realize that he had to take a break from the game.

I am not at the point in my life where I am thinking about taking on the huge responsibility of raising children. I may never get to that point. I would like to say that I am willing to give up gaming if I had to but it has always been such a huge part of my life.

When I ran my guild back in Wrath, WoW took up most of my weekdays after work and some weekends. It’s probably safe to say that it was way too much WoW. I was religiously running raids four nights a week and sunday night guild meetings. I found myself blowing off everything besides work just to be there for the guild. It was definitely way too much.

Being a member of Obsessive, I show up for raids at least twice a week. I always set aside Monday and Tuesdays and nothing comes between me and raid night. Pretty much I’m like this kid twice a week. As you can imagine this becomes a bit of a bone of contention with the misses.  

On Tuesday I wasn’t feeling so good. I left work in the afternoon and went to the doctors passed out in the waiting room. Eventually they saw me gave me some Tylenol for my fever and sent me home with some antibiotics. That night, I was sick as the dickens but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from downing bosses. The girl said that it was a serious problem that I was putting raiding before my health. 

That night, post-patch we downed six bosses. It was the best raid night that we have had post-Cataclysm. We one shot Atramedes. I got three pieces of loot if you count my T11 pants bought with Valor Points. She went to bed early and told me not to wake her up. She was mad as hell in the morning. Was it worth it? Maybe…

Back in Wrath, I remember being on vent one beautiful sunny sunday afternoon running some BGs with guildies and one of my buddies came back from being AFK. He said, “my girlfriend is packing her stuff up right now, she’s leaving me.” Then he said something that I’ll never forget, “third girlfriend I lost to WoW, good riddance”, and then he cracked a beer.

We have all heard stories of MMO addiction getting out of hand. In the new millenium rehabilitation centers for treating video game addiction have started opening around there world, spotlighting this issue. I think many of us justify how much time we spend playing by comparing ourselves to others who never seem to log out of game.

I have heard a lot of crazy stories about MMO addiction gone terribad. What stories have you heard? When do you think it’s time to set up an intervention? Just how much is too much?

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