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Brought to you with lulz from Obsessive. Clearly we spent to many attempts on this boss and lost our minds when we finally downed the encouter. Happy PAX East for those of you that I may or may not see this weekend.


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Yesterday we had a blizzard here in Boston. Some areas reported as much as 13 inches of accumulation and that’s not even counting snow drifts! I had the day off from work and besides sleeping in, catching up on some reading, and having dinner with my neighbor, most of my lazy day was spent in Azeroth. I finally finished up my Cata Loremaster Achievement dragging my feet through the last 30 quests in Vashj’ir to snag the 20,000 Leagues Achievement. Some guidlies and I also got together and traveled across Kalimdor and some of EK and killed old world dungeon bosses for the guild Achievements. There are still some that I need on Bhama as well, so I was happy to tag along.

Getting prepared for the incoming snow storm I forgot to tell you that downed Conclave of the Wind on Tuesday night. It was our first night attempting this encouter and before we got started, I took the time to watch several videos on the fight. There is a lot to it, with three bosses in one fight and watching the videos, I felt like I should be taking notes. So I did, and heres a rundown for your viewing pleasure.

Conclave of the Wind

Anshal- West  Platform

  • Must be engaged at all times or it’s a wipe (Withering Winds)
  • Summons a green circle that continously heals him and adds and silences the raid (Soothing Breeze)
  • Summons adds at 30% energy, they put a dot on anyone in range
  • At 90% energy casts ultimate (Zephyr) which heals the boss and gives him a stacking dps buff.

Nezir- North Platform

  • Must be engaged at all times or it’s a wipe (Chilling Winds)
  • Casts a stacking debuff (Wind Chill) that causes frost dmg and increases frost all frost dmg taken by 10%
  • Casts a frontal cone frost dmg spell (Permafrost), only the tank should be getting hit by this
  • Lays down an ice patch that slows movement and causes frost damage
  • at 90% energy casts ultimate (Sleet Storm), a massive AoE where damage is spit between targets

Rohash- East Platform

  • Must be engaged at all times or it’s a wipe (Deafening Winds)
  • Cast (Slicing Gale) nature dmg to a random target that adds a stacking debuff, increasing nature dmg by 5%
  • At 30% energy he will start spining around the platform and Windblast in front causing nature dmg and knocking players back 200 yards. Don’t get hit by this!
  • Summons tornados that do nature dmg and cause a ten yard knockback.
  • At 90% energy he will grab everyone up (Vortex), toss a dot on them and throw them down resulting in even more dmg.

Our Strat

 We had our bear tank RL, Stink and resto sham on Anshal, along with our ret pally, our hunter and boomkin. This team worked very well for killing the adds quickly. Myself and Anexia spent most of the time alone at Nezir. Our shadow priest, resto drood, and mage held the east platform with Rohash.

This fight is Four Horseman 2.0; every boss must be engaged at all times or it’s a wipe. Also, each boss has to die within one minute of the first. The hardest part of this fight is not getting knocked off the platform by Rohash. The rest is pretty straighforward.

On the healy boss, Anshal burn the adds and make sure none are up at the time of the ultimate. Swap to the frost boss Nezir to help mitigate damage from his ultimate.

On the frost boss Nezir, pallys are win. This is the best tip I can give about this fight. Having two pallies lets you bubble through the first and fourth ultimate. Yes you will have to take 2 seconds of the damage but it is easily healed. This allows you to leave your dps where there are, saving time on swaps. Nezir’s tank and healer team and Rohash’s team will need to change platforms periodically before an ultimate to drop the Windchill debuff. 

This is how it went down. Nex and I bubbled through the first ultimate, jumped over before the next one. After the ultimate the dpsers jumped back to Anshal to dps. I healed them untill the right before the next ultimate when the the healer and tanks swapped and the dps went to Nezir again to help spread out the damage. After that they jumped back over to Anshal. We bubbled again through the next ultimate and both Anshal and Rohash were downed. Everyone came over to us and we burned Nezir.

As stated earlier Rohash is the hardest boss because of the knockback effects involved in the fight and because the damage from vortex is difficult to heal. If possible, levitate, slowfall or other spells should be used to mitigate some of this damage. This will make the healers life a lot easier. He requires less dps becuase there are no adds and he should go down at the same time as Anshal. Once they’re dead everyone jumps to Nezir and burns him. Once the first two go down the fight has basically been done.

Sounds silly complicated I know. But once you get in there, practice it a bit and get the hang of how your groups are going to swap, you should be able to do this no problem. This is a really fun fight and I could see groups of players pugging it in the future. I hope the Al’Akir fight is as fun as this. I heard he grows ginormous and you fly around him in phase three of the fight. Can’t wait!

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